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I've been a photographer since high school, growing a successful business in the years following, and in 2017 realized it was time to start a team. I now operate a photographer business with 27 employees. And as my business has grown, so have my goals. 

In 2022 I had a meeting with my associates. I coached them on setting goals and manifestations. Wanting to set the stage for that year with my own goals, I decided then and there to manifesting I would open a studio by the end of the year. 

It's been a dream for years, and took a seat in the background until I knew it was time. It's taken hard work, looking at countless spaces, some discouragement, a lot of resilience, and FINALLY the stars aligned! The perfect spot to open my own studio, just before the year ended.

It needed work, but I saw the potential. After 2 months of remodeling, our studio was open for business. Located in a building rich with local history, my studio is the perfect spot to capture beautiful photographs of both locals and visitors.



Q: Are there props for us to use?
A:  YES! We have 10 years worth of props ready for you! 

Q: Can we hold a shower or party here?
A:  Yes! We suggest you book out both rooms for your special event. To eliminate foot traffic. By booking a half or full day rental you automatically book both rooms! 

Q: Can we bring in our own props?
A: Absolutely! Just make sure nothing that could damage the walls or our 

Q: Is the space wheelchair accessible?
A: Yes 

Q: Are pets allowed?
A: Yes 

Q: Is Boudoir allowed?
A: Yes - please use the garage room so you can close the door and have more privacy.

Q: Can we come early to set up?
A: Your rental is hour to hour. Any additional time you need you will need to purchase. 

Q: Do you provide tables & Chairs?
A: We offer approximately 3 folding tables and 20 folding chairs as well as a couch and bar stools.

Q: How many people does the space fit? 
A: The main studio will fit about 30 comfortably. The garage studio will fit about 10.  


"I love that this space has amazing lighting, multiple studio options, simple props, AND not to mention the funnest snack bar!"


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