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The Simply Shelby Studios Experience

Our main studio is perfect for groups of up to 15. The lighting is to DIE for with surrounding windows, we have simple furniture pieces to fit your needs, and a rolling wall so you can choose what unique setup is right for you!

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When this building was originally constructed it was an automotive dealership and this room was used to display vehicles. Because of that the surround windows were put in to bring in large amounts of natural light so showcase the vehicles. Now you get to do the same. 

The natural light in this room will make the photo subjects pop like never before. Too much light? No worries, we have curtains as well you can close to defuse the light as you see fit. 



Our custom built rolling wall is the perfect way for you to make these photos unique! It's easy to roll and has both a front and back so you can choose which side is best for you!

The rolling wall will change colors seasonally, perfect for you to plan themed shoots, holiday specials, or to just give variety to your clients.


When you book the Main Studio you get access to all props, furniture, and color rolls we have. Push your creativity to the max in this space!

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